Bellport Branding

About Bellport Branding

We’re a team of business consultants that is here to help you create and grow your business. We’re not satisfied with doing the bare minimum for our clients — we treat each business as if we were the owners ourselves. 

We go above and beyond to understand their business and what they want. It’s the small details that set us apart and keep our clients coming back over and over.

We’re a one-stop-shop, meaning we can take care of all your marketing needs in one place. We can help with graphics, web design, promotional items, and social media marketing. In addition, we can help with business cards, brochures, and other promotional items.

Our websites are all custom-made. We don't use templates or products from other companies. We work with you to make sure we can provide the best website possible for your needs.

Social media should be fun! People want to be engaged in conversations with you, and we're here to make it happen. We'll handle all aspects of your social media presence, from photos, videos, content, and graphics for one low monthly rate. We dare you to find someone else who can make that promise.

We believe in using the best images and videos. We have a very good eye for knowing which images and videos will look best for you and your brand. Our quality is unparalleled, and no one can compete with us for the price.

As a company that’s been around for almost a decade, we’ve seen and heard it all. And when it comes down to it, our staff is what makes us unique. We have a unique style of working together and everyone has a special talent that they bring to the table.  

The only way you’re going to know what works or not is by taking feedback from your customers and sharing that with your team. We love working with you to build the best plan for your business to put you on the path to successful growth.

So where did this all get started?

My dog Reese was a French bulldog and despite my best efforts to keep her groomed, she always had a powerful stink on her. I was determined to find something to help her smell better so I created my first product. 

Essentially, it was a body spray for dogs!

After my cousin finally convinced me to start a website to sell my product to the masses, I started building websites for a few people I knew as a side gig.

But soon I realized that this was a way I could make more money than my lame day job, so I quit.

Now, I build awesome websites and help online business owners boost their sales.

I think the biggest thing is that there's such a wide variety of problems that our customers have that we have to be able to cater for them all. 

Every business is uniquely different, and what works for one business might not work for another. Even when you have similar products or services, you might have different goals. 

What works for you might not work for another. One of the biggest advantages of working with us is that we can offer you a one-stop-shop. We can handle all of the digital design, marketing, and promotion that you need for your business. 

This means that we can deliver to you a consistently high standard of service so you can focus on running your company.

We’re all about making websites and social media work on a lower budget. We’ve all seen a lot of websites that are very creatively planned and designed but they don’t have much traffic. 

We have a ton of experience working with businesses in a wide range of industries because we’ve worked with hundreds of companies with different products, services, and audiences.

Want to grow your online business? Shoot me a quick text message to get the conversation started, or fill out my contact form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.